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It is essential to strive to create fresh and unique content. Twitter!

If your content is of interest, you will soon improve your SEO naturally. Twitter!

The advantage of email marketing can offer a customer exactly what they may need. Twitter!

It is advisable to review the marketing strategies used periodically. Twitter!

Barilliance offers a set of applications that help e-commerce sites of any size increase their sales and conversion rates by providing visitors a personalized Omni-channel shopping experience.

Barilliance’s e-commerce personalization suite encompasses three tools: an engine of personalized recommendations of multichannel products, sending emails when customers leave the shopping cart and customization of the website in real time.

All tools are operated on the Brilliance customization platform with a simple control panel. You can choose any of the solutions and then add other functionalities, without the need for further implementations. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Zero Integration technologies enable vendors to enjoy the benefits of our products with extraordinary ease and without the need for an initial investment. Barilliance was founded in 2009, and its headquarters are located in Israel and have local offices around the world.